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Memòria gràfica del 1714 (Graphical memory of 1714)

Memòria gràfica del 1714 (Graphical memory of 1714)

Imatges d’una guerra (Prints and maps of the War of the Spanish Succession)

On the occasion of the tercentenary of the tragic end for Catalonia to the War of the Spanish Succession, that fateful 11th of September, 1714, Editorial Base wants to include, in its collection Apographa Historica Cataloniae, the most comprehensive graphic testimony ever published of what has been considered the first world war of modern times.

This book brings together the images from all over Europe —do not forget that this conflict was an international war— that artists, cartographers, engravers and illustrators had printed or painted about the most important moments of the war that put an end to the independence of Catalonia and the Catalan government institutions which had been granted since the Middle Ages.

The work includes more than one hundred and fifty engravings illustrating the scope of the conflagration. The rich diversity of works that have survived until today advised to be distributed into several thematic sections. The result is an organization based on the following concepts: Views, Characters, Maps , Plans, Solemnities, Images of War, Feats, Sieges of Barcelona, Repression and Exile, and Memories of War.

This facsimile reprint, as such, retains sizes and colors of the original works, allowing to enjoy the beauty of these images preserved in the most important Catalan archives worldwide.

 Every sheet details the explanation of the corresponding historical episode, the original title of the picture, its author —when known— and the year and place of publication.

 The set of sheets, printed individually, is accompanied by an essential book containing the complete index of reproductions, a synthesis that places each image in its historical context, the explanation of the print, and a brief biography of the author.

RELEASE: APRIL 2014. To book your copy please call (+34)93.315.48.68 or send an email to edicionsfacsimils@editorialbase.com


Memòria gràfica del 1714 (Graphical memory of 1714)


2 boxes of half leather and cloth 40x55 cm.,
Containing 161 facsimile reproductions printed
on premium paper (150 g Fedrigoni acquerello bianco). Accompanied by an essential book of
188 pages of study.


Imatges d’una guerra (Prints and maps of the War of the Spanish Succession)


Only 890 numbered copies printed


Jaume Sobrequés, Mercè Morales, Adrià Cases, et al. Price:

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Característiques tècniques de l'obra
TítolMemòria gràfica del 1714 (Graphical memory of 1714)
SubtítolImatges d’una guerra (Prints and maps of the War of the Spanish Succession)
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